We, the last unbroken remnants

vow to undo the errors of our ascendants,

to make the Earth whole,

the lost unlost,

at peril of our own birth.

~ Travelers Creed, from Travelers [aired on Neflix in 2017]

Traveler 3326 is the name of the author of the book NOT SAND NOT SOUND.  How did it came to it you may read here …


I have been asked what the book is about. Is it all Sand? What is the key message, what is my message to you, what is Sand, what is Sound? A key message has to be short and coming to the point. Here is the key I offer you:

“To gain in the tsunami of data meaning.”

By reading the book you will see this is also the mission of the company I was my life long working for. One side is the overwhelming amount of data our society can only handle by using intelligent software, software of a kind we are no longer able to understand as this software is created by machines … and the other side is meaning. Meaning is the magic in the data. Meaning for you might be the holy words in the Bible, the Rig Veda, the Torah, the Quran, The Tripitakas, The Kojiki … or have you found meaning somewhere else? Are you searching for the meaning behind the meaning, for God in the Machine? Do you want to face your God? Are you ready for the Digital Anthropocene where an endless life is waiting? I open a new book to gain meaning. Meaning changes over time, you have to dig it out from the tsunami of data in the digital world; with each step in the book you come closer.

In the year 2375, Kathryn Janeway, Commander of Star Trek Voyager, is reading a translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy of 1295 to the holographic Doctor, who was suffering with an ethical conflict. She read:

“In that book which is my memory,

On the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you,

Appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’.”

 The name of the woman in the year 1295 was Beatrice Portinari. I found in the book The Gods of Informatics some more details for my search so I know how many letters her name has. Will I meet her at the entrance of the Gate of Nor? I have been in my youth a major kickstarter for Son of Nor, the first epic game that used human brainwaves to steer an avatar in an immersive world, so I have the right to knock at the gate. A world long gone, but not for me as I am a researcher, I care for history.

My journey is not an easy one as I can enter the Gate of Nor only in an insane state of mind. I have to play insane by being sane. I have to trick the Artificial Intelligence systems that keep the secrets and hold them tight so our world is stable running like a steady flow of bit coins in a clear river running down from the Crater Lake in Oregon.

You will be with me when I and 4,096 drones of Amazon dig in the Libyan dessert to find the coordinates for the Nauvoo in iridium dotted shards of the Great Libyan Sand Glass. Some may know that the Nauvoo is the Mormon spaceship in The Expanse aired on Netflix. That digging for the shards, mining for bit coins, and fishing in the Crater Lake has the same algorithm, will be surely new for you, indeed, it was also new for me when I entered SAS, the bureau of Sane And Sound. I had to pass a VoightKampff test to extend my life.

If you never understood Nerds, Geeks and other scary Believers of Insanities, if you crave to get philosophical insights of a new age, if you are brave enough to face a trial at the ecclesiastical court at the Vatican, if you seek to gain knowledge beyond the mainstream then this book is what you need …

… or not need. It depends when your time has come to get insane and you have to get your bits to run. Then listen to the Sound of Not Sand, Not Sane. Listen to You.

I showed my book to someone who introduced himself to me as “The Director,” when I stepped out on the other side of The Gate of Nor.  He told me to hand the book over to Traveler 3326, a historian. His mission date: Sept 4th, 2017, 1:34:06 GMT.

Right before I gave him the book I watched the episode Traveler, Helios 685 on Netflix. He, this traveler # 3326, embodies a junkie!

I feel that now the book is in his hands, things will end in a catastrophe and ruin my good name. I hope at least the fine words of my editor will stand as they have been setup when I left the old world.