Not Sand, Not Sound on Amazon

Today I published The Book.

Many titles would fit for The Book of Books, like for Solomon, The Song of Songs. I decided for Not Sand, Not Sound. The name of the author is a code, so I set myself in. In case you have met me on Netflix you know well that I have to use the number that was assigned to me by The Director.

Protocol 2:

Never jeopardize your cover.

This has two parts:

  • Do not call each other by future names “Leave the future in the past”.
  • Do not use future knowledge for personal gain.

Either of those things could mean that people will find out there is something off about you, that you aren’t really who you say you are. Self-control is key to becoming a Traveler. You are no longer who you were in the future. You must assume the identity of your host and acknowledge your team only as their new identity. The future knowledge you have is for the betterment of your mission and your fellow Travelers, not for your own advancement.

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